Labi Ramaj

Welcome to the official website of Norway-based DJ and Producer Labi Ramaj


Labi Ramaj is a DJ and Music Producer

Labi Ramaj of Stavanger, Norway is completely devoted to bringing his version of electronic music to the masses. On any given week, Labi has residency at clubs in his hometown where he has established himself as a DJ and more recently as a Music Producer.

His goal-oriented vision is a huge inspiration to his community which he has cultivated via regular vlog updates. It’s rare to find a producer as devoted to bringing value to his community which in turn builds a strong brand and loyal following.

His busy lifestyle doesn’t stop him committing to his goals. One of which is an album he is already half way through which follows his debut EP Pure which was released late 2016.

On top of all of that, Labi works side-projects with his good friend VARGENTA, producing singles and remixes that quickly go viral on Soundcloud. Labi’s production style is a refreshingly clean and varied flavour of today’s dance music which he has stamped his identity on.